Pawn Shop NYC

While most companies only buy your gold us on the other hand give a few different options when people don’t want to sell their gold. We also have a pawn shop division that when our customers need money but they do not want to sell their gold or other expensive jewelry such as watches, diamonds or an antique jewelry piece that was passed down to them, they can pawn the item, get the money and pay it back in a few months. When they are done paying it back they can always get a new loan or get their valuable item back and be on their way.

We pawn on any item of value such as gold, silver, diamonds, luxury watches, high end electronics and more. Visit the pawn shop NYC site for more information, we are located across the street on 47th Street and are one of the most reliable pawnbrokers in NYC.

Best pawn shop NYC , Pawn all your gold, diamonds, watches, valuables and more.