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Want to host a Gold Party? Hosting a gold party with Albert & Sons Jewelry Buyers will help you & your friends turn all your unwanted gold jewelry into Cash. Its fun, quick, and easy ! We provide all the refreshments, drinks, food, and snacks. In addition to hosting the gold party, the host receives 15% of the total payout of the night. Here’s how it works:

Our Company Staff will make all the preparationsgparty2

We have all the equipment needed to host your gold party. We also bring refreshments for your party! Typically we have Pizza, Sandwiches, or Chinese Food, as well as Soda, Juice and Wine. You get to choose which to have at your party! We will bring enough for all of your guests.

Time To Get Paid! The Host & Friends Get Cash

You and your guests get instant cash for all of your gold and jewelry. This is a quick process, we can make cash payments to a 25 person party in about 2 hours. Invite a lot of guests to have an even better time, and earn more even more cash! Your guests will have a ton of fun at this party they are actually going to get paid at!

You get 15% Commission!

After everyone (Including you!) has gotten Cash for their gold and jewelry, we will pay YOU 15% of the total pay out for the party. So the more people you invite, the more money you earn! Host a gold party with us today!

*** A typical gold party brings in $3000 in payout, so that’s $450 BONUS CASH + any gold that you sell!!

A Gold Party is a fun way to bring friends together, to socialize and to sell off your old broken or unwanted jewelry pieces. All gold is tested for metal content, which is always interesting to watch! This is a fun and enjoyable evening, learning and discussing how much money everyone made from such a small amount of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry. So clean out those jewelry boxes and make a surprising amount of cash for selling bits and pieces of gold which may be sitting in your drawers or jewelry boxes. You, “the host/hostess” of the party will receive 15% of the total sales at your party. This is a wonderful way to compensate you for your efforts of bringing all the people together for your home gold party in one spot for 2 – 3 hours.

Here’s what to consider for your gold party:

Timing of invitations is the most crucial part in hosting your home party. The goal is to have your guests receive their invitation 2 weeks before your party. Remember, about 30% of those you invite will attend, so invite as many people as you possibly can! Invite friends, neighbors, family, church members, classmate’s parents, sports and work out buddies, work associates and old friends you want to see.

Placing a personal invitation call is probably the best way to recruit people for home parties. You can also send e-mails out for your gold party as well. You will get more people to attend your show if you personally invite your guests. Don’t buy too much food & drink, however, this is just a simple party!

Our buying team will arrive about an hour before the party to set up the gold and jewelry evaluation equipment. Usually we utilize a kitchen size table with good lighting, and then get things started right away.

Thank you for your interest in Our Gold Party. Remember hosting a Gold Party is a great and profitable way to gather with friends and family. Book your appointment today by using our contact form.

Voted New York Best Gold Party Company by Consumers Choice NYC. Host Your Gold Party NY Today!

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